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Welcome aboard Paolina

Recordar es vivir.


It is no coincidence that Macha Dormal chose this expression, well known to the Spanish, to embody her brand. If memories never die, hers are born in her grandfather's boat. Humble and elegant, the "Paolina" carried her childhood dreams, liberated her first impulses of freedom. A few years later, the little girl turned graphic designer continues to create. Clothes, this time. Shirts, in particular. Inhabited by the atmosphere that surrounded this Catalan boat, Macha is inspired by it to trace her path. Unique, colorful, and joyful like the pieces she designs.

Recordar, it's remembering that we are multiple and singular at the same time.


Through the care taken in their crafting, from small pearls to hand-sewn labels, this is the case for each of the Paolina shirts.


In vivir, one must read carefree, elegant coolness, pure joy. That of colors, patterns, and materials. Paolina juggles with all three. Living is movement without constraint.


Diving into the sea. Getting wet. Daring. Like El Capo, this grandfather with the mythical cap who showed Macha the path to freedom. Today, his boat is a shirt. Tomorrow a dress or a tote bag. Whatever the garment, as long as we have the style.



Paolina's creations are authentic.

Through word and deed:

each piece embodies a story,

is produced with respect.

For man as well as for nature.



Having the audacity to

assume who we are,

the pride of what has built us.

And then to transmit. Its values.

Its shirt. Paolina creates unique

pieces for everyone.


Opposition of codes,

crossed inspirations,

mix of colors and cultures,

Paolina is joyful freedom.

Without limits.



Our shirts are made with passion,

mainly in Spain,

in small-scale workshops

often run by families.


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