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Our History

Leslie Kouhana the designer of Arizona Love combines vintage, folk and bohemian influences to create exclusive and unique designs. During a trip to the Grand Canyon in 2018, she created the perfect bandana-covered sandal, combining comfort and high fashion.

Macha Dormal, the creator of Paolina, was inspired by her childhood memories of her grandfather's Catalan boat "PAULINA". 

In 2020, she launched a one-size-fits-all shirt.  Her collection is produced in  Belgium in limited and numbered quantities.

To hold on to the summer and to celebrate their love for colors, they decided to unite their two worlds! Quite naturally, the bandana became a part of the Paolina shirt, perfectly matching the well-known madras and gingham styles. 

This resulted in the birth of 4 very different models, two of them are patchworks made with fabric leftovers. 

So it's in a happy and sunny mood that we are waving out  summer, and stepping into an a magnificent Indian summer.

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